The following pertains only to campus departments

Common Carrier Shipments

Central Distribution is the logistics solution for outbound freight shipped from the Central Campus. Central Distribution will assist in selecting a carrier and arranging for pick-up of materials being shipped off campus by common carrier.

Departments are responsible for packing items for outbound shipment, obtaining a vendor return authorization (if applicable) and placing labels on all items to be shipped.

Shipping costs (if applicable) will be re-charged to the department requesting shipping services. Call Central Distribution at 642-5330 to request outbound freight logistics services.

Vendor Returns

Central Distribution will assist campus departments in returning official UCB freight. Departments are required to contact the vendor for a return authorization first. After a Return Authorization is issued by the vendor, departments should call Central Distribution at 642-5330 with the following information:

  • The location of the items to be returned
  • The number of packages to be returned
  • Estimated weight of the package(s)
  • The name of the vendor
  • Original PO number
  • Return Authorization number(s)
  • The method of shipment back to the vendor (Common Carrier, UPS, Vendor's own truck, etc.)
  • Is the package being returned Hazardous Materials
  • Please label all packages being returned with the Return Authorization number and the original PO
Import/Export Shipments:
For Import/Export Services, please call:
Air Sea Forwarders
Phone (650) 877-4400
Fax (650) 952-2048
UC Berkeley Research Export Controls website

For more information regarding Outbound Shipments or Vendor Returns, please contact the Customer Service Representative at (510) 642-5330 or e-mail us at
Our Fax number is (510) 237-9147.