Property Management 2014

Thank you Berkeley!


$38 Citation Recharge Starts January 1st

Delinquent citations to rack up fees after 1 January


Lost & Found Auction Mar. 25th - Apr. 3rd

Everyone's favorite auction is right around the corner. Click for details.

Welcome to Property Management

Property Management is responsible for post-purchase processes associated with many of the physical goods required by the campus, as well as providing related useful services. We provide: 
  • Accurate and timely delivery of purchased goods
  • Management and control of inventorial and non-inventorial equipment
  • Sale and disposal of surplus UC Berkeley campus property
  • Acquisition, assistance, and management of the University's fleet of vehicles
  • Moving and special event support services
  • Administration of the campus secured rental storage space program

3200 Regatta Blvd, Ste E
Richmond, CA 94804