1. Use the citrix access gateway(link is external), a third-party plugin that runs UC Learning Center content, regardless of what browser or operating system you use
  2. Click on UC Learning Center
  3. After loading, a separate window opens and you may login with your CalNet credentials
  4. Put BEPRO-DDT2015 into the search box, or if you prefer an open captioned version of the training, use BEPRO-DDT-CAP2015 instead
  5. Click the Search button. A summary of the course appears on the main panel of the screen
  6. Click the blue Register button
  7. Click the green Start button
  8. At the end of the course, you may print the training certificate
  9. Some departments may require that you print the certificate and present it to a department representative

Driver training is one component of the University's standards for Driver Authorization.