How do I enroll a driver in Driver Record Monitoring?

Because driver’s license numbers are considered protected data, it is important to use secure methods when communicating them to Fleet Services. Do not store license numbers in any electronic format or send them by email. To reduce risk:

  • For California drivers, use the current forms: Driving Record Request Form and INF-1101 (please note that release/disclosure forms for several categories of drivers are still under review). For out-of-state or foreign drivers, please contact for further guidance.

  • Print a hardcopy of the completed forms -- do not attempt to save, print to pdf, or print to file
  • Sign the hardcopy

  • Fax the signed hardcopy to 510-643-7917 (our secure fax)

  • Once Fleet Services has confirmed that your driver is enrolled, please destroy or redact whatever physical copies of the license number you possess except for the INF-1101 (or other release/disclosure), which you must securely retain until Fleet Services has confirmed that the driver has been successfully unenrolled from the program