Laboratory Moves

General Laboratory Prep

Please clear out all hazardous chemicals prior to your move. Contact EH&S for removal.

Be sure glassware is clean of chemicals.

Unplug all equipment and machinery and detach loose cables prior to the move.

Label all equipment (including parts connectors, cabling, etc.) and put in labeled plastic bags or boxes so they can easily be put back together after the move.

Do not pack small machines or equipment, such as microscopes, in boxes where they cannot be seen. The movers will place these items onto carts and then shrink wrap and pad the carts.

Provide a room diagram for your new location. The diagrams can be taped to the doors or walls of the new lab to instruct the movers where all the furnishings, boxes and equipment are to be placed. Label boxes and equipment according to room number and surface number, so that we can place your boxes and equipment in the correct place.

Use bubble wrap, packing paper, and dish packs (which can be delivered to you) for packing glassware. Several sheets of packing paper is all you need for regular glassware packed in a dish pack. However, pack carefully; the movers will not be responsible for items not correctly packed.

For instructions on how to pack office furniture see Packing Instructions & Ergonomics

Disposal of Equipment

Please refer to the Disposal of Unwanted Items page for instructions on how to dispose of items you no longer need.