Permanent Transfer of Equipment Between Campus Departments/Projects - All Funds

Where no monetary consideration is involved: departments should submit an Equipment Inventory Modification Request (EIMR) for final review, approval and processing, using the Berkeley Equipment Tracking System (BETS).

Where monetary consideration is included: the transfer will be made by the department/project using the IOC Form UFIN 116.

Federal funds may not be used:

  • to purchase a piece of federally funded equipment from another campus department as this would result in the government paying for the same item twice.
  • to purchase non-federally funded equipment as the cost thereof would have been used in the development of indirect costs.

General Criteria for Federally-Funded Equipment

When an equipment item is no longer to be used in projects or programs federally sponsored, disposition shall be made as follows:

  • When title fully vested in the University
  • When title is vested in the University and there is no further obligation to the government, normal University policy and procedures apply. (See Disposal of Equipment, Excess and Surplus)
  • When University title is restricted
  • Funding agency regulations apply and proceeds normally are to be returned to the sponsoring agency. Equipment shall be made available to other Principal Investigators, within or outside the department, for use in other federally sponsored projects or programs without reimbursement.
  • When title vested in sponsor
  • Equipment with title vested in the sponsor requires specific sponsoring agency instructions for disposition.

Sale or Transfer of Equipment and Supplies to Another Institution Occasioned by Transfer of a Faculty Member - Federally Funded

On some occasions a faculty member will transfer to another institution or campus and will request that certain equipment and supplies be transferred with him/her to that institution or campus. In such cases procedure will be as follows:

  • Principal Investigator shall submit a written request to the Director of Property Management. Unit head and/or Dean's approval will be required.
  • The Director of Property Management will consult with the Sponsored Projects Office (SPO) to determine if the requested transfer can take place under the specific contract or grant terms. SPO will obtain sponsor approval, if required, including the appropriate disposition of any monies obtained.
  • If the aggregate value of the transfer exceeds $10,000, approval of the Associate Vice Chancellor - Business and Administrative Services is required.
  • Upon receipt of the necessary approvals, the Director of Property Management will effect the documentation necessary to transfer the equipment and supplies to the new institution.

Sale or Transfer of Equipment and Supplies to Another Institution Resulting from Transfer of a Faculty Member - State Funded

Transfer of Equipment to the University from an External Source

Departments must report transfer of equipment from Federal or State agencies by:

  • submitting a letter from the agency authorizing release of the equipment and an email to ,
  • listing the equipment by manufacturer, model number, description, serial number and value.

Equipment Management will issue property tags for each item valued at $5,000 or more.