Government Property

Property owned by the Federal Government or Agency of the State of California.

Government Furnished Property

Property in the possession of the government and subsequently delivered to or otherwise made available to the University for use under specified contracts and grants. Identified in BETS as Acquisition Code 39.

Contractor Acquired Property

Property acquired or otherwise provided by the University for performing a contract, title to which property is vested in the government unless the contract specifies otherwise. A category of government property. Identified in BETS as Acquisition Code 30.

University Property

That property to which title is vested in the University whether secured with general University funds or funds derived from extramural sponsors. Identified in BETS as Acquisition Code 31.

Fabrication Component

The University will assign Government and University property tags to each of the fabriction component, stand alone with a life expectancy of 1 year or more, removable, feasible and economical to re-use.