Equipment Rentals

This list includes the most commonly requested items; additional items available on request.

*Delivery/Pickup; Setup/Takedown; Admin fees are not included in these rates*

Event Rental Rates

Basic Folding Black $1.35/each
Basic Folding White $1.55/each
Padded Seat Padded – White, Natural Wood, or Black $2.95/each
Conference- Padded Conference – Non-folding- Blue $3.75/each
Folding Tables
6' x 30” Seats 6 to 8 $8.50/each
8' x 30” Seats 8 to 10 $8.75/each
4' x 30” Seats 4 to 6 $8.50/each
8' x 18” Exam table –seats 4 on one side $10.00/each
5' round Seats 6 to 8 $9.25/each
6' round Seats 8 – 10 $15.00/each
3' round cocktail table Standing bar style table for 4 $10.00/each
Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Gold & White are the most commonly requested colors.
Other colors are available upon request.
Cotton-Poly Blend
60”x 120” 6' x 30” table $10.00 Each
90”x 132” Floor length for 6'x30” table $16.00 Each
90”x 156” Floor length for 8'x30” table $17.00 Each
90” Round Fits 5' round $10.00 Each
120” Round Fits 6' round (Floor length for 5' round) $13.00 Each

Podiums, stanchions, coat racks and other specialty items are available – just ask!

Staging and canopies are quoted based on size needs. Delivery rates vary and will be quoted individually.