Fuel Card Program

The fuel card program allows you to fuel a University or rental vehicle and bill the charges directly to a chartstring. In addition, the card automatically deducts a portion of the excise tax from the final bill, saving $0.184 per gallon of gasoline.

To enroll in the Fuel Card Program please review and sign the Fuel Card Agreement and Fuel Card Application. Please send completed paperwork to Kenya Broadnax (kenyab@berkeley.edu).

To comply with the program rules, you will also need to:

The prohibition against card sharing is intended to lower risk to the University. However, we recognize that exceptions may be justified.

If your card is lost or stolen:

To report a lost or stolen card during Fleet's normal business hours (7:30 AM to 4:00 PM), write to fleet@berkeley.edu and reference the five digits that are unique to your card number (see instructions below). To ensure the promptest possible action, please call Fleet at 510-643-6262.

To report a lost or stolen card outside of Fleet's normal hours, call US Bank at 1-800-987-6591 and reference your entire 15-digit card number. Be sure to also write fleet@berkeley.edu referencing the five digits that are unique to your card number (see instructions below).

Understanding your card number:

Card numbers take the form XXXXX-XXXX-NNNNN-C, where NNNNN is the unique portion of the card number and C is the check digit. When Fleet communicates to a department regarding a card, we use only the NNNNN-C portion. To adequately prepare for the possibility that you will need to report a lost or stolen card, you should securely store a record of the full card number. You may be able to find the NNNNN-C version of the card number on Fleet documents such as your Fuel Card Agreement Form.