Making Donations

University Policy on Donations

The official University policy on donations of university-owned property is contained in Business and Finance Bulletin BUS-38 (see Part V, Section E).

Under certain circumstances and with appropriate approvals, donations of low-value items to be made to other governmental, non-profit, and educational institutions. Such donations may only be made when approved by the appropriate campus officer.

Property that may be donated is limited to items that are:

  • no longer needed or wanted by any campus department, with fair market values (potential selling prices) that are below estimated selling expenses (advertising, transporting, storing, etc.), and
  • have exceeded their useful life (see UCOP's Useful Life Schedule).

All donations MUST be channeled through the Property Management department (BUS-38).  BUS-38 prescribes specific methods to be used in disposing of excess university-owned property, as well as precautions to be taken to ensure that funding agency interests are considered when disposing of property funded through contracts and grants.

Do not release equipment prior to notification of donation approval by Equipment Management.

Donations of equipment must first be reported to Equipment Management using an Equipment Inventory Modification Request (EIMR) in BETS, and a letter from school/non-profit organization requesting donation.

Send documentation to:
Equipment Management
3200 Regatta Blvd. Suite E,
Richmond, CA 94804-6416
or email:

Upon donation approval, Equipment Management will forward copy of approval to the Department.

Departments are required to obtain signature of school/ non-profit acknowledging receipt of equipment.

Please contact Assistant Director, Eric Anglim at or (510) 409-0044 before making a commitment to donate equipment.

Requesting Donations

The Univesity encourages requests for donations from eligible organizations as follows:


Only certified non-profit organizations are eligible to receive donations


Submit a letter on your non-profit organization's letterhead specifying the type and quantity of items desired for donation.

Send requests to:

by Mail by Email
University of California Berkeley
Property Management
3200 Regatta Blvd., Suite E
Richmond, CA 94804
Attn:  Eric Anglim

Send your letter as an Email attachment to: