Campus Vehicle Rental Program

Due to the COVID-19 shelter in place order, Enterprise Rent-A-Car has closed several locations in the proximity of UC Berkeley campus, including 1990 Oxford Street effective immediately. 
Services will be provided at 3030 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94611. Pick-ups are available but are limited due to safety concerns. 
During this time, Enterprise will be waiving its young renter fee, which usually applies to drivers age 18-24. 
When renting a vehicle for unofficial University business, please provide Corporate ID UCBGEN for discounted rates
If you have any questions, please contact Fleet Services at

To apply for the Rental Code Program, please review and sign the Vehicle Rental Code Application.

Current rates with our rental partner are listed below. All rates shown include CDW and liability insurance. The minimum age under our agreement is 18 for most vehicles, 21 for twelve passenger vans, and 25 for box trucks.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car, 1990 Oxford Street Berkeley, CA (510) 705-8989 
Vehicle ClassDaily RateWeekly RateMonthly RateMiles IncludedAdditional Miles
Compact Sedan $31.43 $183.88 $735.50 Unlimited free miles -none-
Mid-Size Sedan $33.43 $183.88 $735.50 Unlimited free miles -none-
Full-size Sedan $40.94 $225.17 $900.67 Unlimited free miles -none-
Hybrid Sedan $40.94 $225.17 $900.67 Unlimited free miles -none-
Ethanol Sedan Intermediate (E85) $33.43 $183.88 $735.50 Unlimited free miles -none-
7-8 Passenger Mini-Van $60.89 $334.89 $1339.57 Unlimited free miles -none-
12-Passenger Van (minimum age 21) $82.99 $489.99 $1759.99 Unlimited free miles -none-
Full-Size Cargo Van $47.99 $239.99 $909.99 Unlimited free miles -none-
Standard Sport Utility (4WD or AWD) $60.89 $334.89 $1339.57 Unlimited free miles -none-
Small Pickup $40.99 $219.99 $849.99 Unlimited free miles -none-
Standard Pickup $53.99 $269.99 $1009.99 Unlimited free miles -none-
Crew Cab Pickup $53.99 $269.99 $1009.99 Unlimited free miles -none-
4WD Pickup $53.99 $269.99 $1009.99 Unlimited free miles -none-
Intermediate Electric $45.99 $252.95 $1077.78 Unlimited free miles -none-