How to Order a Move

Daily or Small Moves:

Fill out the Moving Services Request Form and return it to

Be sure to fill out the form completely so that we can provide the fastest possible service.

Please keep in mind that we can not schedule your order without the billing information, so be sure to include your chartstring when submitting the form.

Please note that while Nor-Cal Moving Services is our primary vendor, we cannot guarantee service from the primary vendor.

Large or Specialty Moves

Contact Tamera Garlock with an overview of your project, move dates if known and your phone number.  

Upon receiving your email we will call or email you to set up a site or bid walkthrough (if required) and discuss any questions we have regarding the details.

Order Lead Times

Daily and Small Moves:

  • Please provide as much notice as possible. A minimum of four business days are required.
  • We will make every effort to fulfill last minute requests, but it may not always be possible to accommodate due to crew availability.

Large and Specialty Moves:

  • Two weeks to several months notice is required depending upon the scope of the move.
  • Large moves may require a walk through and bid process with several vendors, which may take several weeks to complete.


Administrative fees:

  • $85 an hour

Standard Move Labor:

  • $86-$126 an hour for two movers and a truck
  • $29-$49 for each additional mover

Prevailing Wage Move Labor:

  • $202-$264 an hour for two installers and a truck
  • $89-$120 for each additional installer

Project and Specialty Moves:

  • The bid process provides the customer with the best quoted rate for the job.


Cancelled orders are subject to charges for administrative time plus applicable vendor fees.

*Once an order is submitted with a chartstring cancellation fees apply. There is minimum fee of $85.00. 

If canceled within 1 business day of order additional fees may apply.*