Procedure for Initiating Fabrication

If your equipment satisfies the BUS 29 definition of a fabrication, http://www.ucop.edu/ucophome/policies/bfb/bus29.pdf  on page 7, and is not  “…a product resulting from simple assembly or connecting of various parts,” then please complete the Request for Fabrication Control Numer found at: https://bets.berkeley.edu/Login/Index.cfm.

    1) Click on the request tab
    2) Click on new FAB No. Request
    3) Enter the required information
    4) Click on Submit Request Button

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Required information includes:

  • description of the item to the extent known
  • location name and account number of the department that is to have custodial responsibility
  • the estimated value of the FAB
  • the estimated completion date.

Title and tax status should be appropriately indicated based on where title is to initially vest upon completion of the fabrication. Generally, title passes to the University unless it is specifically stated in the contract that the Federal Government retains title. Please note that it is the responsibility of the department via Contract and Grant Accounting to obtain sponsoring agency approval of the fabrication when required.

Equipment Management will issue a Fabrication Control Number and return a copy of the request to the initiating department. The Fabrication Control Number is to be referenced on all documents relating to the project. This control number is to be used only for expenditures relating to the particular FAB.

When recording the fabrication of equipment, all materials, supplies, and services from outside vendors or authorized recharge activities used in the FAB should be BFS account 54231. These costs are excluded from the indirect cost rate. Department labor, travel, or other operating expenses associated with the FAB should be coded with the account codes normally used for such expenses. These expenses are subject to the indirect cost rate.

At project end date of Fabrication, the custodial department will submit an Equipment Inventory Modification Request (EIMR) form to Equipment Management with a complete description of the item and its location. The total value should be summarized with purchase order numbers, recharge activities, labor, and operating expenses, each with applicable costs. Upon receipt of the EIMR, Equipment Management will update the fabrication value in the equipment system, and if not previously assigned, issue a property number which will close out the Fabrication.

If the fund number applying to a particular Fabrication changes or additional fund numbers are added before the FAB closes out, the originating department will notify Equipment Management by memo of this change.