PG&E Power Shutdown Procedures

With the potential for campus closures during periods of PG&E mandated power shutdowns, Moving and Event Services will take the following steps to contribute to a safe campus during power outages.

Moving and Event Services will not perform related work on the campus or at campus facilites that are run off of the cogeneration plant when campus has mandated closure to non-vital services.

The day before a potential closure, Moving Services' staff will contact all customers who have moves or events scheduled during the proposed campus closure  via email and offer to reschedule the work with no additional administration fees to the customer.  A deadline will be provided for the customer to respond via email for the fee waiver to apply.  In some cases of rescheduling or cancellation, fees charged for rental equipment or other speciality items or crews may be passed on to the customer department.

When customers choose not to cancel or reschedule their move or event by the provided deadline and the closure is enacted, Moving and Event crews will not be dispatched. In these cases, the customer will be charged an administrative fee and all related vendor costs.