Destruction of Hard Drives

Destruction of Hard Drives 

Hard Drives can be certifiably destroyed when customer directs.  Certified destruction is performed by the contracted eWaste vendor, CEAR at the following rate:

$500 for the first hour

$400 per each subsequent hour, charged in 15 minute increments, and

$1 per unit for logging hard drive removal and destruction

All certified destruction of hard drives will be recharged to the customer by UC Berkleey Surplus

Request for certified hard drive destruction must be made in advance and customers must clearly identify which computers and/or other hard drive containing units must have the hard drive removed and sent for certified destruction.

     Identification includes clear and conspicuous marking on the unit that the hard drive must be certifiably destroyed.

     UC Berkeley Surplus shall not be responsible for the vendor's failing to certifiably destroy any hard drive where there is no conspicuous marking on the unit.