Purchase and Delivery

Departmental representatives intending to purchase for their Department, must:

  • Fill out the portion of the Interdepartmental Order (IOC), with the Department name, the Requestor's name, email, and phone number, and the Authorizing and/or Approving signature
  • Fill in the area of the IOC asking for a chart string

Once the item is paid for, it can be picked up. Delivery can be arranged for a minimal addition charge.   

Hold Policy:

In Store Purchased items only: 5 days @ $10 per day.  If not picked up within 5 days, item will be deemed abandoned and resold.
 (Does not pertain to Auction Items)

IMPORTANT: Restriction of Sales to Employees and Their Near Relative (BFB-BUS-38) 

  • No one employed in Property Management, or a near relative of such employee,  may buy excess material from the University.
  • No one employed in a department originating excess material, or a near relative of such employee, may buy any excess material originating in that department. 
  • The principal driver of a University-owned motor vehicle, or a near relative of such employee, may not buy that motor vehicle. 
  • Near relative is defined as husband, wife, mother, father, daughter, son, sister, brother, step-relatives and in-laws in the same relationships. 
  • Exceptions to these provisions must be presented in writing to Property Management and approved by the Director, Property Management.

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