Revenue Sharing

Revenue Sharing Rates

UC Berkeley Surplus provides surplus sales revenue sharing rates with originating departments for individual items sold as follows:

Net Revenue

Revenue Sharing to the Originating Department


  1. AFC (9% which goes to the University).

  2. External sales associated costs if any. (Usually none)

$0 - $1,499


$1,500 - $4,999


$5,000 - $6,999


$7,000 – up


With the exception of department surplus items that cannot be safely removed from a department location by one Property Management staff member within a 20 minute period and transported via box truck, Surplus will continue to absorb all costs associated with retrieving and handling useable surplus property through the revenue it retains.  When items cannot be retrieved by one staff member within the prescribed time, the department will be presented with other options, such as dropping off the items at the Surplus facility or contracting with a moving vendor to do so.

Non-useable surplus items sent to Surplus to avoid refuse charges will be recharged the corresponding refuse disposal expense.