Physical Inventory of Government Owned Equipment

Re: Annual Equipment By Department Report-BET920 for Government Owned Equipment

As a condition of receiving federal research funding, the federal government requires that all campuses perform a biennial physical inventory (every two years) of Government and University-owned equipment. Based on the latest Property Control System Analysis conducted by the Office of Naval Research, Berkeley 's Property Control System was rated satisfactory in providing control, protection, preservation and maintenance of Government property. To remain compliant and maintain our satisfactory rating, departments are required to conduct a complete physical inventory including verification of serial numbers, room numbers and condition codes. If the University fails to comply with this federal funding requirement, the Berkeley campus equipment management system loses its approved status, and thereby, all federally funded projects, and any new proposals, are jeopardized.

The enclosed Annual Equipment Report (BET920) of Government-owned equipment must be checked, verified, signed by Principal Investigator and returned to the Equipment Management Department at 3200 Regatta Blvd, Ste E, Richmond, CA 94804

For additional information regarding your responsibility toward the care and maintenance of Government-owned equipment please contact Contract & Grant Specialist, Sherry Crawford at 2-2954, or

Update the condition and utilization codes using chart below.


N- New 1 - Excellent
E - Used, Reconditioned 2 - Good
O - Used, Without Reconditioning 3 - Fair
R - Repairs Needed 4 - Poor

Utilization percentage (0-100%) - Equipment records must include a utilization percentage.

The Government requires that the location of equipment shall be updated with building name/number, room number, user name and additional information useful in locating this equipment. The serial number is a mandatory component of the property record and is necessary to ensure positive item identification. Write in missing or erroneous serial numbers.

Excessed Government-owned property must be reported promptly by submitting an Equipment Inventory Modification Request (EIMR) in the Berkeley Equipment Tracking System ( BETS ) and a memo before scrapping or dismantling for parts. Administrative Contracting Officer will be notified of this intent and approval received before equipment may be excessed . Your cooperation in assuring compliance with Government and University regulations is appreciated.

As required by FAR Subsection 45.508-2, completion of this physical inventory will be reported to the Property Administrator at the Office of Naval Research (ONR).