Federal regulations require that freon & compressor oil must be properly purged from these appliances prior to disposal.

Excess & Surplus will facilitate the purging of freon and oil from "used" Department refrigerators and assess a $121 disposal charge.

When disposing with Excess & Surplus, Departments must do the following before pick-up:

  • Remove all chemicals, radioactive material, and cultures.
  • If the refrigerator once contained hazardous chemicals, radioactive materials or biohazardous substances, obtain a decontamination certificate from EH&S. Contact EH&S at 642-3073 for more information.
  • Securely attach an IOC  with tape to the outside of the refrigerator with the following information completed:
    • The Department name
    • Authorizing signature
    • Point of contact
    • Phone number
    • Chartstring

Refrigerators will not be removed without the IOC completed and attached to the outside of the refrigerator.

To schedule pick-up for small to waist-high refrigerators, Departments must:

  • Call 642-5330 and request a pick-up and state the size of the refrigerator(s)
  • Advise what items were stored previously in the refrigerator(s)

PLEASE NOTE: Excess & Surplus will not sell any "used" refrigerators. However, it will sell "new," i.e. overstock, refrigerators (that have tags still on them). The customer will be required to sign a waiver, which limits the University of California, Berkeley's liability for any such refrigerators.